The Enemy At the Gate!

So that the coming generation would know them by heart, even the children who are not yet born, So that they might one day stand up and teach them to their children. Psalm 78:6 (The Voice)

The enemy is camped at the gate forever trying to get in and destroy. But Jesus is a fence all around us everyday. The enemy tried to steal our Joy with by stealing my Grandson but I know he is in God’s arms safe and secure. The enemy tried to steal our peace by tormenting family members, He tried to steal well being by bringing pain to my daughter after she gave birth to Baby Kace. But he is defeated! He tried again to steal our celebration by attacking our mom but we still have victory. He tried to steal my sister and unborn nephew twice in the same day by auto. But he was and still is a failure! I rejoice on this day because I know my God is greater and the devil is a liar. He has no power and I declare war in the name of Jesus you can not touch my family, you can not steal our joy, you cannot steal our faith, you cannot steal our health, we have the victory and we see your ugly head and we stomp on it like the dried up dung you are.I claim victory for all of my family , all of my friends going through storms right nowPlease know that the enemy wouldn’t even look your way if God did not have a Devine plan for your life so count it all joy and laugh at the devil because he has no authority here in Jesus name.