We’ve Got Friends in High Places!

There are two constant companions that go with us, their names are Mercy and Grace.

And here I am, your invited guest—it’s incredible!
I enter your house; here I am, prostrate in your inner sanctum,
Waiting for directions to get me safely through enemy lines. Psalm 5:7-8 (MSG)

We have been invited by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to sup with Him at His banqueting table. He is a gracious Host and provides us with constant escorts who guide us through unknown terrain, all the days of our lives.

The Psalmist declared, in the 23rd division:
Yea though I walk though the Valley of the Shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

Why, because we are always equipped with superior friends, who know the way we take so when we face things, they are there to lead us safely through to our intended destination. These friends are like their Master, they neither slumber, nor sleep – an ever present help. I want to say thank-you today – I want to rejoice in the God of my salvation for covering my every moment and providing for me, "all things that pertain to life and godliness".

How about you?