Proverbs 11:14 says

Without wise guidance, a nation falls; but victory is certain when there are plenty of wise counselors.

This passage speaks of a nation wanting to get or maintain victory to be in need o"f wise guidance", and if that nation has plenty of "wise counselors" – that victory is certain. Our lives are like nations fighting to maintain their own identity. We are in war, both within and without and we are never expected to have to go it alone. There are times when have need of counselors – there are paths we haven’t walked before, there are enemies lodged in hidden places trying to overtake us.

Jesus was forecast to be not just a counselor, but a "wonderful counselor". For those who know Him, they know that even these words still fall short of describing who He is. An average counselor may provide a listening ear, may even give some helpful advice. However when you are struggling through a maze of conflict you need more than just an average counselor, you need someone who will commit themselves to walking with you, if necessary taking you by the hand wen you are afraid. Even as I write these words I hear words from the song by Walter Hawkins, "He’s That Kind of Friend"

If you ever need a friend that sticks
closer than any brother,
I recommend Jesus, Jesus;
because He’s that kind of friend.
Verse 2
He will never forsake you, even though
He knows everything there is to know about you;
I recommend Jesus, Jesus;
because He’s that kind of friend.
Chorus 1
He’ll walk right in front of you
to always protect you,
so the devil can’t do you no harm.
He’s faithful everyday
to help you along the way;
He’s that kind of friend.

These lyrics describes Jesus, our friend, our advocate, our wonderful counselor. He’s always there – He’s always willing – His way is always right.