There Is Yet A Standard!

​In this age that we live in that is bordering on apostasy, we yet find that there is a standard. Conflicting cultures are nothing new within the Christian faith.The Apostles in the first century AD faced a similar situation. There was a drastic difference in the rigidity of the Jewish Christians who came from a carefully regimented lifestyle to that of Gentile believers whose lifestyle was often quite opposite.

Today we have Christians who believe all kinds of things. There are churches who adhere to things that would have once shamed the early church. As Francis Schaeffer said in the twentieth century, "How Then Shall We Live"? 

Fortunately the early fathers of the church met to hear from God on the subject and their consensus is still good for us today:

28 "For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay no greater burden on you than these few requirements: 29 You must abstain from eating food offered to idols, from consuming blood or the meat of strangled animals, and from sexual immorality. If you do this, you will do well. Farewell." Acts 15:28-29 (NLT)

Christianity is not about rules and regs; however, there is a standard we need to follow before we come before a Holy God. In this passage we see that not bowing to the ritualistic idols of satan, and presenting our bodies a holy sacrifice, free of sexual immorality was all that God required for the new believers.

The good news is, when you refrain from those works, and come into the presence of the Lord everything else becomes easy. HIs yoke really is easy, and His burden really is light.

Don’t be fooled – God’s grace is abundant and free, but He is a God who wants all of us.