Out of the China Cabinet!

Way back in the last century it was a common thing to find a "dining room", a room set aside for special meals. In that dining room there was usually a large table with fancy chairs and a big furniture cabinet with glass, generally called a china cabinet because it held the best dishes that the owner had. These dishes were not used every day, rather they were reserved for special occasions. Sadly, some people lived their entire lives and rarely, if ever used those"good" dishes. 

2 Timothy 2:20-21 (The Voice) says:

0 Look, in the mansions of the rich and powerful you will find everything from silver and gold serving bowls to wooden containers and clay jars; some are used for special occasions—where honor is important—others are used for more mundane tasks. 21 So tell them, if they will clean up their lives and purify themselves from dishonorable teachings that lead people astray, then they can become honorable vessels, consecrated and useful to the Master, made ready for every good work He has in store.

The Apostle Paul is reminding his son in the gospel Timothy that the servant of the Lord is like a special dish in that they consecrate themselves to always walk with honor to be of service to the Master, but is an every day dish in that he is always ready in all occasions to be used.

This is a helpful reminder for each of us. Do we set aside only special days to be a Christian, like Easter or Christmas or maybe Sundays? Or do we rise with every day, reporting for duty before our Lord; giving Him back the day He has given us, to be used in whatever way He desires? Something to think about, something to practice.

                       Rest In Peace Dr. Billy Graham


                           A True Vessel of Honor!