There’s A Day Coming!

​In Proverbs 1:20 the sage tells us that, "Wisdom shouts in the streets, she raises her voice in the markets. (AMP) Even in this age we live in that is bordering on apostasy every where you turn, there is still truth, there is still wisdom, there is still integrity. Truth tell us what is right, wisdom gives us the ability to use it for our good, and integrity will not let us settle for less than that right way .The question is not whether these things exist, but the question is are we listening to it?

As Jesus was nearing the end of His earthly journey and was nearing Jerusalem, He cried out these words:

41-44 And as he came still nearer to the city, he caught sight of it and wept over it, saying, "Ah, if you only knew, even at this eleventh hour, on what your peace depends—but you cannot see it. The time is coming when your enemies will encircle you with ramparts, surrounding you and hemming you in on every side. And they will hurl you and all your children to the ground—yes, they will not leave you one stone standing upon another—all because you did not know when God Himself was visiting you!" Luke 19:41-44(AMP)

Through countless prophets at various times in the history of God’s people, they were warned of the days that a Messiah would come. As Jesus ministered during his time of earth He performed signs and wonders; He healed the sick, fed the hungry, raised the dead, and proclaimed the truth of God’s word. Yet with all that He did, even as the above scripture says, they "could not see it". And then as a warning, through the groans and tears,  Jesus warned them of a time to come that would be horrendous for their men, women and children, and especially on their city. And why would it happen/ Because they "did not know when God Himself was visiting"…

There’s been additional warnings since then, from words spoken in the Holy Scriptures, to "hot off the press" prophetic utterances given even today. Are we listening? Jerusalem means the ‘city of peace"; have we allowed our heart to be a Jerusalem because God Himself has visited us?