What a Strange Way To Save the World!

The days are approaching when we celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. There will no doubt be messages concerning the Cross on the designated day, Resurrection Sunday, even though little is mentioned about the Cross the rest of the year. And yet, our very faith hinges on the work that was done at the Cross!

Jesus said these words in John 12:30-33 (The Voice);:

Jesus: 30 The voice you hear has not spoken for My benefit, but for yours. 31 Now judgment comes upon this world, and everything will change. The tyrant of this world, Satan, will be thrown out. 32 When I am lifted up from the earth, then all of humanity will be drawn to Me.

33 These words foreshadowed the nature of His death.

A voice had come from heaven, many heard the voice, but wanted to attribute it to thunder. Jesus spoke to the crowd assembled that day and said that the voice they heard was spoken for their benefit. A game changing event was about to take place which would change everything. By Jesus being "lifted up", not only would all men be drawn to that event, but also satan would be thrown out. With this event, salvation would come to the world.

That is exactly what happened. Although all did not receive this great salvation, all were forced to acknowledge it. In fact, until recently time itself was measured in those years Before Christ, and After Christ Died. Salvation was poured out like a mighty flood and many received it; the message went around throughout the world; the barriers of race and ethnicity were broken down through this life-changing message of the Cross.

What s so powerful is that the same thing happens today, well over 2,000 years later. When the message of the Cross is preached, satan loses his hold on the hearer whose heart is turned toward Jesus. Let’s not forget that. This year let’s make Jesus the true reason for the season.