In The Grand Scheme of Things!

We, as a country are in a time of celebration; graduations, weddings, promotions. It is an exciting time and every chance we get to celebrate an accomplishment should be. As I think of the many thousands of college grads there are who have worked hard to achieve their goal; many will go into the workplace and find that their field is already oversaturated and will have to settle for something less.

This post is not to discourage pursuing your dreams, but to put things into perspective. Each of us have to reckon with truth, such as that found in James 4:14 (PHILLIPS):

Just a moment, now, you who say, "We are going to such-and-such a city today or tomorrow. We shall stay there a year doing business and make a profit"! How do you know what will happen even tomorrow? What, after all, is your life? It is like a puff of smoke visible for a little while and then dissolving into thin air. Your remarks should be prefaced with, "If it is the Lord’s will, we shall be alive and will do so-and-so." As it is, you get a certain pride in yourself in planning your future with such confidence. That sort of pride is all wrong.

James is not trying to put a damper on our dreams or goals or achievements. Rather, he wants us to know that in the grand scheme of things we are all here only for a moment in terms of eternity. All that we can accomplish and whatever we do will only count for a moment in time, and even that moment is not promised to go as we plan. 

So, what do we do? The answer lies in this same passage – "If it’s the Lord’s will". We seek His face to ask Him what course of action we should take before we step foot on a certain path. He is the ultimate GPS – He not only knows the way we take, but He knows the best road to get us there. He is not opposed to our dreams, He is the "author and the finisher" of our dreams. Seeking Him as to what to do and how to do it, only places us in proper position to win the prize – and His prize is always worth celebrating!