There’s Some People You Don’t Mess With!

We are living in an age of widespread "bullying". There are those who feel for one reason or another that they have the right to lord over and even torment other people. Whether it’s a response to a physical deformity or a social deficiency, every day countless numbers of children and adults are tormented by oppressors.

This is not a new phenomenon. As old as time itself, the first two sons of the first man and woman on earth were in conflict, with one son feeling as if he had a right to put to death the other son. He didn’t realize however when he attempted to get rid of his brother, he had to answer to God. So has it been throughout the centuries, there are some people you mess with, and when you mess with them, you are messing with God Himself:

Zeresh and His Friends: You must be very careful with how you handle Mordecai!If he really is a Jew, a descendant of the nation that defeated your ancestors, then you won’t be able to succeed. In fact, you will most certainly be destroyed! Look, you’ve already begun to bow to him  Esther 6:13 (The Voice)

Words of the Hand of God upon the Jews was passed down from generation to generation; not just among the Jews, but among their Gentile neighbors. Haman’s ancestors, the Amalekites had dealt harshly with the Jews in their sojourn in the wilderness, and  hundreds of years later when Solomon destroyed the Amalekites, all except King Agag, the lineage which Haman descended from, the Jews had also become feared.

However you may be hated by mankind, when God fights for you, there is also a respect that spreads. Zeresh, Haman’s wife and his friends knew that Haman was treading on dangerous territory in trying to destroy Mordecai;s life.Yet, God always gives space to repent before we utterly fall; in this 13th verse of Chapter 6 of Esther we see the warning given to Haman, with a space to repent; in Chapter 7 we see his fall. The same gallows he built to destory Mordecai, he and his sons were hung on.