Need a moment today just to be thankful! A passage from my favorite Psalm:

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. Psalm 100:4 (KJV)

Yes, today we "enter His gates with thanksgiving, not for anything in particular, but for everything collectively. For all the things we take for granted, and those we know are only the grace of our God – for this we are thankful! For all the people He put into our lives and for all those we sometimes we wish weren’t there – we’re thankful because we need them all. For all the challenges He has brought us through, and for all those coming – we are thankful, because through those that come – we see His power made manifest in our lives. For the simple, sweet calm that allows us to sleep at night, to the glorious majestic Presence that envelops our being when we engage in total praise – we are thankful. For the joy that bubbles up inside to the extent that we have to share it with the world – for this we are thankful. For the sun shining bright over our head – for the beauty of His creation that serves as a carpet for us to walk through, grass, and flowers, trees and hills, winding brooks and placid seas – for this we are thankful. For the times we felt so all alone and He sent someone to call – to say that we were on their mind – for this we are thankful. For the times when it seemed that all doors were closed – and then suddenly – a door we could not see – opened wide beckoning to come and receive blessings – for this we are thankful. For every pain experienced in childbirth – for out of it the precious life of a child came – who (in my life) have now produced more children – for this we are thankful. For snatching me out of the throes of death’s door – compelling me to completely finish the race – for this we are thankful. For the hope I hold in the deep interior of my heart that when this world is done – there is an eternal home, which my Savior has prepared for me – where I will worship and praise my God forever and ever – for this we are thankful!

Amen and Amen,