It’s a rainy day in my city today. Often when you wake up to the rain, you wonder whether the day is going to be as gloomy as it looks. Yet, what if there were no rain? What would happen to the earth? How would all of us man and animal alike survive? Rain provides the water for us to drink and nourishes the plants that we eat. Rain provides cleansing and even acts as a power source. And with all that rain provides naturally, there are other things that God rains down from heaven:

I form light and create darkness;
I make what is good, happy, and healthy, and I create woe.
I, the Eternal One, make them one and all.
8 Skies above, open up and let the clouds rain down righteousness!
Let the earth below sprout triumph and justice.
For I, the Eternal, have created them. Isaiah 45:7-8(The Voice)

Yes, the God who forms both light and darkness also opens up the skies and lets the clouds rain, not only drops of water from heaven but He sends forth righteousness. We need buckets of rain for our crops, for our cattle and kind; yet we need barrels of righteousness rained down on the earth that it would "spread triumph and justice", that it would bring forth love and good will, tender hearts, productive lives. 

Oh God, send us the rain!