Praying More…

Father we come to You today in expectation that You will hear our cry. Father we cry out for those who are sick today, those suffering in their bodies and those suffering in their minds.  We ask You, oh God to surround them with Your love and with your peace. May the very blood of Jesus that has run down from Calvary’s cross all of these generations bring the healing He paid for with the 39 stripes placed upon His back.  Rise up those ministers of healing to speak the Word of Life into their hearing. Where there are those reeling between life and death prematurely, we speak the Word of Life.

Father we come in behalf of children everywhere who do not have parents who know how to pray. Who do no know how to express their love for their children.  Comfort those children God. Provide for their needs, physically, spiritually and tangibly. Send warm clothes to those who need them as the weather changes. Speak to the hearts of the children to give them hope. Raise up friends and mentors to help guide them as they grow. Most of all bring salvation to their homes, that their entire family will know the joy that is in knowing Jesus.

Father I bring before you bushels and bushels of what seems to be unanswered prayer, and I pray again, standing in faith that You, who hear, will answer prayer. I think upon Your Word which says:

I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living.
Wait for and confidently expect the Lord
Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord. Psalm 27:13-14 (AMP)

I believe in Your goodness, I believe in Your grace, I believe in Your mercy – therefore, I will wait. I will wait with expectation. I will wait with confidence that the answer is on the way. I will encourage those who have brought their petitions to the altar, not to faint – to hold fast to their confession of faith, for we know that  "He is faithful who promised".

Father I pray for those whose circumstances have them homeless. Provide suitable shelter for all of those in need of coming in out of the cold. We ask for warm clothing to be distributed, for socks and gloves and hats and blankets. We pray that the way will be made for gas bills to be paid, so no one has to endure the winter without heat. We pray for long stockings and coats for all the children who must travel to school. We pray that when they come to school, they will have a warm meal.

We come against the forces of wickedness that would take the food from the mouths of children to pay for drugs and alcohol and other vices. We come against the spirit of gambling that would capture a person’s heart to believe they should risk their last – only to lose that. We ask for angels to be encamped at the corners of our neighborhood to keep watch over our city. That people traveling back and forth from work would be safe from hidden harm. We pray that law enforcement officers would be safe and develop an atmosphere of safety. Curb tempers and spirits of violence from pervading our streets and bringing harm to innocent lives.

We pray for jobs and better jobs. We pray for childcare workers who care for the children of those who have to work, that they may see the tremendous responsibility they have for imparting into the next generation. We pray for first responders that they may be guarded about with angels as they do their jobs. We pray for teachers and doctors and nurses and care-givers; strengthen them in their most holy faith to pursue their goal, even when there seems to be no breakthrough. We pray for the saints of God to stay on the wall, to continue to pray, to continue to fast, to continue to stand – bring encouragement and a steadfastness that can only come from You Father, to never, ever, ever give up!