Can’t We Agree to Disagree?

​Today, all over America, Americans are going to the polls to vote. Tomorrow the results will be tallied and one side or the other will result in a majority. This is the way the forefathers designed it – that every four years the people would have the opportunity to respond to a presidential candidate and every two years they would have opportunity to participate in congressional elections. Hence, no one party would ever have the opportunity to establish a dynasty. 

Two years ago the American people voted for president and for two years there has been massive and hostile expressions of discontent. Families have been divided; people who expressed their views have been ridiculed and harassed – on both sides of the aisle. I ran across a quote from Rosa Parks:

"I’d like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free and wanted other people to be also free."

Although made many years ago, is is still fitting for today. 

In the marketplace of ideas, you rarely find two people who agree on everything. Diversity generates different ideas and expressions. Each of us have the opportunity (so far at least according to the constitution) to bring our ideas to the marketplace and let them compete. The one whose ideas get the most agreement among the people are theoretically at least expressed in our governmental elections.

As the people of God however, we can go to the marketplace, but we can also go to our secret place and talk to God. Today, and tomorrow would be a good time to do that, because inevitably there is going to be someone who doesn’t agree with the tally of the vote and yet is we are going to survive as a nation we must strive to bring peace within these borders, we must at least agree to the right to disagree.