To See Change, You Have to Be the Change!

Tomorrow we will transition from winter into the season of spring. Buds have already formed on the trees; even with the gloomy clouds, there is something in the air that speaks of brighter days to come. As our world comes out of the hibernation of winter into the promise of new life, so should we. However, in order to see change take place, we have to be wiling to be the change:

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, Philippians 3:13 (NLT)

The Apostle Paul in this scripture was not saying he had it all together, he recognized his journey still required him to continue to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He did recognize one thing however, that in order to grow he had to first of all, forget the past. The good, the bad, and the ugly had to go. He could not live in the past and the present. The second thing he had to do was concentrate on what was before him. You can’t go forward continuing to look in the rear view mirror.  

There are obstacles and hindrances to progress that beset all of us. However, by staying focused on the prize he knew he would reach his destination:

14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.

15 Let all who are spiritually mature agree on these things.Philippians 3:14-15a (NLT)

With this focus, change will come!