It’s a Time of War, Do You Know How to Fight?

Whether you consider yourself an activist or just want to curl up in your home and lead a peaceful life, when war has been called – you’re IN, whether you want to be or not. When war is in full swing, it does not take a majority vote, or ask your permission. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an enlisted soldier, or an ordinary citizen, one way or another you will be affected. 

Since you are going to be affected the wise thing is to ask God for help:

"Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle." – Psalm 144:1

God is a God of peace and love, but He is also a God of war. Make no mistake about it, the God who breathed out the gentle, flowing stream, also made the volcano in a mountain. God will not only teach us how to hide from the enemy, he will also provide five smooth stones to take him out!

What war has been declared? There is a strategic, all-out war for our children. on every side they are surrounded by an onslaught of evil: drugs, perverse sexual themes and acts, bullying, suicide spirits, atheism, and it goes on and on. If the enemy of their soul can’t get them one way, he has a dozen more ways to take this generation down and out. I recently read a newsfeed about a library who had storytime for little children read by a drag queen. When a group of parents opposed to this did a little investigation on this "reader", they discovered that not only did this reader not go through a required background check, but upon further investigation they discovered that he/she was also a recorded sex offender who had been arrested for attacking an eight year old boy!

This is not an isolated situation. Popular organizations such as LGBTQ make noise on discrimination and get away with all kinds of inroads to our children. If you adhere to a biblical view of God’s creation of men and women then you are automatically at war with groups such as these. The question is not, are you going to fight, but how?

God does not have one way to fight a battle or win a war. Scripture provides us battles being fought and won with lepers marching to a camp, to a host of praise singers leading a battalion. Shrinking from the hand of the enemy can only give him advantage to our children. Our best prayer then is to ask the Lord, our Rock to teach our hands to war!