It IS in the Book!

​I have always had some questions in my mind regarding how God relates to mankind in general and specifically. I know the Bible is filled with this information, but I have to confess I have looked at people’s lives a time or two as well. Why do some people seem to be blessed beyond measure, and others seem to be having such a hard time? My laymen’s analysis has failed to produce accurate results. We cannot look at another individual and determine what their standing with God is. Appearances can be deceiving. Also, God does not have to reveal His dealings with another individual to us. Needless to say, armchair research never works.

While there may not be an insight into the life of an individual, there are general guidelines that give us an indication of those things that God is concerned about. One such Proverb says:

The voice of one who turns his ear from hearing God’s instruction, will find that even his prayers are detestable to God. Proverbs 28:9 (The Voice)

Grace may cover disobedience for awhile, but sooner or later, the disobedient will find that his prayers are hitting a wall – and they will be left to their own devices. Yet, isn’t that the way with all of our human frailties? God’s grace covers us over and over again. We mess up, we repent, God forgives – too often we turn right back around and do the same thing all over again. At some point, like a loving parent, God refuses to get us out of our mess and we have to suffer the consequences. How much better it is to ask God not only for grace, but for strength to overcome? How much easier our life would be if when we find ourselves in a fault or failure that we stay before God not just in repentance, but in the school of obedience, learning how to conquer every failure and fault?

These are tough words and not always words I have followed myself. No matter how much I think I’m growing, it’s still true – a Proverb a day will keep the devil away!