Can We Find Our Way Back?

When we try to determine if we can find our back, another question immediately arises, "find our way back to what"? There’s a line in ‘The American President" that always resounds in my head: The "President" was saying that there are always people who want to "take you back to a simpler time" , and they do it through fear. Unfortunately there are a great many Christians today whose platforms have been built on making you afraid of something. Afraid that "this" or "that" will certainly mark some kind of doom.Yet, I don’t believe that this is their intent. I believe that most groups that speak for God and family just want people to be aware that by condoning certain practices they intensify the slippery slope that heightens breakdowns in the moral fabric of our nation.

While there are growing numbers who feel that morality is subjective- their reasoning goes out the window when they feel as if their rights have been violated. They will fight against your position on the "right to life"of the unborn, yet want the death penalty give to someone who kills (or even injures) one of their loved ones. While the argument may be – there isa big difference between someone who is not born and someone who has been born – in terms of morality -is there a difference? 

Philosophers used to haggle over these questions and present them to society so that cultures could embrace or reject certain positions. Today, everyone is their own philosopher and our culture reflects that. "