You Never Know…

For the past couple of weeks I have had increased problems with my computer, my brand new computer. Investing in a new computer was my seed to grow a few projects that I have started and stopped. How could a new Mac Book Pro shut down after the first month? Needless to say, I went through one problem solving situation after another – even calling Apple and getting a tech to search through the problem, which of course they found none – it worked perfectly while they were on the line. After the next time I went to the Apple Store and of course, it worked for them and passed the tests. After a few more days with the "freeze", I made another appointment with Apple and of course it passed the initial tests, but I was not going to leave there with that computer the same way I came. They took it in to do more exhausting testing – and it was here that they found the problem – there was a glitz in the software. Hopefully now, we are ready to go.

While still thinking about this, I heard some real-life situations on the prayer line today that made me think about a familiar story in the Bible. Joshua had heard the entire forty years he was in the wilderness, that they would possess the promise land. He held to that promise. Yet, when he went to possess it, he had to fight, and fight, and fight some more. Rarely, do we partake of the promise, without pursuing the promise, usually with warfare. The enemy of our soul does not know everything, but it seems he somehow knows when we are about to embark upon a breakthrough. It is here that distractions, disturbances, and downright defeat seems to surface in our lives. Because the devil is "as" a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, we should not get discouraged, we should rejoice – knowing that our victory is near. We should also realize that just as we are facing tremendous obstacles as we pursue our promise, so are our neighbors and friends. Sometimes those wearing a frown, or looking a little defeated, just need to be reminded that they are here for purpose, and that they are closer to their promise than they were the day before. 

Let us always remind ourselves:

We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord. Romans 15:2 (NLT)