Trying To Get Back in the Flow!

Life happens and plans change. Your best intentions sometimes go amiss because more pressing things occur. Such as been my life the past few weeks – however now we are trying to get back into our flow. So when I read this scripture, it popped out:

16 "No one lights a lamp and then hides it, covering it over or putting it where its light won’t be seen. No, the lamp is placed on a lampstand so others are able to benefit from its brightness. 17 Because this revelation lamp now shines within you, nothing will be hidden from you—it will all be revealed. Every secret of the kingdomwill be unveiled and out in the open, made known by the revelation-light.18 So pay careful attention to your hearts as you hear my teaching, for to those who have open hearts, even more revelation will be given to them until it overflows. And for those who do not listen with open hearts, what little light they imagine to have will be taken away."Luke 8:16-18 (The Passion Translation)

A light placed on a lamp stand shines no matter what it is going on around it. Jesus points out here that we now have "the revelation lamp" within us – and because it is within us, nothing will be kept from us – "every secret of the kingdom". This is good news to every believer. However, He also cautions us to "pay attention" and have "open hearts" – for to those who do so even more revelation will be given. Yet for those who don’t listen, even "what little light they have" will be taken away. 

I translate this that no matter what is going on, listen to the heart that is lit by the light of God’s Word. It may mean that YOUR plans may have to be altered. It may mean that you have to take a seat and WAIT until your change comes. It may mean to just keep walking and listen for that still small voice to tell you which way to go, or even to STOP and build where you are. 

The good news is that that as long as our hearts are open, that ‘"revelation lamp" will shine and we will find that even when we think we’re not flowing, God has dropped anchor besides still waters to rest.

Thank you Lord for being my lighthouse.