Some Beautiful Attributes of the Father!

 When you place your life in God’s Hands it is good to know what kind of God He is. Hs Word goes in great detail, describing His attributes. None is more lovely than those found in Psalm 103. For the next couple of days we are going to look at selected verses:

Lord, you’re so kind and tenderhearted
to those who don’t deserve it
and so patient with people who fail you!
Your love is like a flooding river
overflowing its banks with kindness.
9 You don’t look at us only to find our faults,
just so that you can hold a grudge against us.
10 You may discipline us for our many sins,
but never as much as we really deserve.
Nor do you get even with us for what we’ve done.
11 Higher than the highest heavens—
that’s how high your tender mercy extends! Psalm 103: 8-11 (The Passion Translation)

In this passage we see the tender, loving mercy of our God. We see that He is the kind of God who does not hold charge over our shortcomings and failures. He, unlike so many of us, does not hold grudges against us for failing Him, nor is He the kind of hard taskmaster that chastens us for our every sin. He never give us what we really deserve. the beauty in verse 11 is so evident during the summertime when we can see up, up, up into the heavens and yet even with that, we know that it extends far higher than our eyes can see – that’s how high His mercy extends toward us. 

As I write these words I think of a gospel song;


How He saved, how He raised me
How He filled me with the Holy Ghost
How He healed me to the uttermost
How he picked me up
Turned me around
How He set my feet
On solid ground It makes me want to shout
Hallelujah! thank you, Jesus!
Lord, you’re worthy
Of all the glory, and all the honor
And all the praise!

Songwriters: HUEY JAMESWhen I Think About The Lord lyrics © Cfn Mu

More on tomorrow…