Quiet Mondays…

One of my favorite times is on Mondays when the calendar is clear and I can take my time reading my devotion, pondering things of interest to me on the internet, even scrolling through FB (something I don’t regularly do). Everything is quiet, except for some worship music; relaxing in a comfortable chair – this is a bit of heaven for me.

We can have a little heaven every day if we follow this admonition:

Listen!The Lord, the Eternal, the Holy One of Israel says,

EternalOne: In returning and rest,

you will be saved.

In quietness and trust you will

find strength.

God invites His people to lean only on Him.

If they will just stop their busyness and self-reliance,

God will be able to take care of them.

But you refused.Isaiah 30:15 (The Voice)

The Holy One of Israel asks only that we return to Him, to repent of our sins and walk in fellowship with Him. And then, rest in Him. For as we quietly wait on God and trust in Him, we will gain strength. That strength comes with a full benefit package however – for in that strength is peace, joy, and contentment. In that package also comes the favor of the Lord. Favor comes in handy with all those things you can’t accomplish yourself (and isn’t that most things?)

Sadly, most of us do like the children of Israel, which we see in the last portion of the verse, "but you refused".

How can we refuse this great offer? Yet, we do, every day when we decide we know better than God how to run our lives, how to make things happen, how to maneuver life’s circumstances. Every gift given is only valuable to the recipient if they receive it.