Some Things Are So Good to Remember…

Tonight while I was in Bible study a couple of things came to me that I shared with the group that not only blessed me again, but blessed the group as well. When I was teaching in the inner city of Chicago, I was assigned a couple of rough schools in a row. They were situated in volatile communities, where gang violence was rampant. At the first school, by spring, there had been nine deaths among the student body in the school.  The Holy Spirit began to deal with me and commissioned me to ask fellow teachers (who I had reason to believe were Christians) to pray in a classroom after school. We did just that, daily after school. For the rest of that school year there was not another death!

The second school I was assigned to was in a community that was experiencing a gang war.  My principal and I discussed the situation and knew that the last  thing our school needed was to have that conflict come into our school. I suggested that we go throughout the school, praying at each classroom. It was a large high school, but we did it. The violence continued in the community, but it did not come within a square radius of our school. God protected our students and teachers, PTL!

Testimonies are a good thing to remember. Yet we have no testimony without a "test". Giving that test to God, and watching Him work it out helps us to remember who He is and what He will do for us when we give it to Him:

"Remember [carefully] the former things [which I did] from ages past; For I am God, and there is no one else; I am God, and there is no one like Me, Isaiah 46:9 (AMP)

There is NONE like our God, yet how will the world know it unless we share the great and marvelous things He has done for us?