Let’s Make Our JOY Complete!

​The carols are ringing out – Joy to the World, the Lord Has Come! The Christmas season. bombards us with an expectation that we should have JOY! Yet, sadly the numbers escalate as to how many people are suffering from depression and turn to drugs and alcohol to try to compensate for the pain in their heart. There are many contributing factors to this, but perhaps one of the most redundant is "social isolation‘. At a time when social media seems to be rapidly connecting people; the opposite is really true. More and more people feel isolated, and have difficulty coping with this condition

This is not a new phenomena – although when forms of communication were more difficult, it may have been easier to understand. However, the remedy was the same in Biblical times as it is today. Take a look at this passage from 2 John:

12 I have so much more to tell you, but I would rather meet with you personally than try to capture these sentiments by ink on paper. I hope to come and see you so that our joy will be complete.2 John 12 (The Voice)

Letters were a common form of communication in biblical times, and were readily received whenever they came. Of course it took weeks, and sometimes months for those letters to arrive. Yet, the Apostle John knew that some things were better said in person, that paper and ink would not justify their significance. In fact, he states that when they will be able to meet face-to-face then their "joy would be complete".  It is something about a face-to-face encounter that brings JOY! 

As we go about the hustle and bustle of this season, let us make time to spend time with people – up close and personal – in their face! While a text may do in a push, and maybe a phone call can brighten for a moment, nothing speaks love like embracing a loved one and taking time to share with them, laugh with them, pray with them. 

It is no doubt even the least of us is busier than our forefathers, but even as in the days of old, nothing speaks love louder than turning aside from the everyday rush to en-joy our fellow companions on this journey called life!