Meditation and Wisdom…

​For the better part of this year I have spent a great deal of time engaging in meditation and reflection. I have come to another juncture in the road and with that I’ve come to a crossroad. When you have to decide between two different roads, at this stage of the game, you don’t want to go down a wrong one.  Even after so many years of trusting the Lord, ultimately He gives us a free will to choose. Listening. for His voice is the game changer. Waiting until He speaks is essential to making the best decision for your life:

47 My passion and delight is in your word,
for I love what you say to me!
48 I long for more revelation of your truth,
for I love the light of your word as I meditate on your decrees.

49 Lord, never forget the promises you’ve made to me,
for they are my hope and confidence. Psalm 119:47-49 (TPT)

One advantage I have is in loving God’s word. Loving the way He has dealt with His people down through the years. For at different points in my life I have been just like the children of Israel, willing to make covenant, breaking that covenant, repenting over breaking that covenant, wanting to start again, and getting up and beginning again. There are so many twists and turns, so many things around the bend that you can’t see, so many lush green lawns just over the fence at your neighbors.  

Yet,  as the Psalmist says, when you long for revelation of God’s truth, and  are willing to meditate on His decrees until the light comes, you make for a better life. God wants us to know what He wants for us, more than we do. He wants us to avoid the snares and pitfalls of this life. He wants us to dwell in that land of milk and honey. However, just as I have been reading in Exodus and Numbers, God never told the Israelites when they left Egypt that they were not going to have to fight. He let them know only one thing as they began their adventure in the wilderness, that He would be with them if they followed the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.  While most of us are not in the desert,  nor are we in the midst of the wilderness, we still need His leading to show us where the next step is.

It also doesn’t hurt to remind God of His promises. It is not offensive to God for us to pray the promise. He knows that this is how we maintain our hope in this life, and we build up our confidence that this journey has a benefit package, that pays now and later. Whether we are reading the beautiful Psalms or the detailed book of Numbers and Leviticus, when we take the time to meditate on the richness of His word with the aim in mind of receiving truth, we will never be disappointed.