Something to Think About!

​What a time in Israel! David and the priests, his mighty men, and all of Israel had gone to the home of Obed-edom to get the ark of the covenant and bring it to Jerusalem. The last time that David had tried to get the ark, it ended with Uzzah dying because he touched the ark when it was falling. This time David recognized that only the Levites could be entrusted with bringing the ark to Jerusalem. A great entourage went to get the ark and as they did it properly this time, the ark was successfully brought to Jerusaleml.

After preparing a tent for the ark, assigning the priests, and all others who would keep guard over it, the scripture says;

43 Then all the people departed, each to his house, and David returned [home] to bless his household.1 Chronicles 16:43 (NLT)

The mission was accomplished, the people had celebrated and rejoiced. David himself had danced out of his clothes along with the others. It was a time of great joy. Great joy except at David’s house. When he returned home, he was met by his wife Michal who was the daughter of Saul. She mocked and harassed David for his display of joy in the streets of Jerusalem:

20 When David returned home to bless his own family, Michal, the daughter of Saul, came out to meet him. She said in disgust, "How distinguished the king of Israel looked today, shamelessly exposing himself to the servant girls like any vulgar person might do!" 2 Samuel 6:20 (NLT)

What a reception! David had perhaps done one of the greatest feats of his career, because returning the ark of the covenant, God’s established blessing, to Jerusalem was one of the goals of his heart. He felt the his love and devotion to the God who had taken him from the hills of his father’s home tending sheep to the palace in Israel as king, was not complete until he accomplished this task. To be met by a bitter, scornful wife was not something he had thought would happen when he returned to "bless his household". 

In thinking about this, it made me wonder how many are now "sheltering at home" who have not always been accessible to the family in times past trying to provide for the family. How are they being met? Are we embracing the returning leader of the home, celebrating? Or, are we still angry about the way they previously handled their business? Trouble on the homefront ranges from the corporate shark to the lowly preacher. Years of trying to "get it right" in the chosen vocation can cause those that were left at home to be bitter. While the story of Michal may not fit your scenario, for what believer wouldn’t want God to be honored by their husband? Yet, have your husband’s past decisions seemed out of sync with what you thought was the right thing to do? 

Whatever else is going on. This is one time, when the attention is brought back to the home.  Hopefully, the "David’s" are there to bless their households; and hopefully the "Michal’s" are there to embrace them.

Something to think about.