NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER – 2020: What Is Your Prayer?

Today we recognize this first Thursday of May, as another national day of prayer. It is a time for the American people as a nation to cry out to God to bless our nation. If ever there was a time and need for prayer, it is now. In that blessing we must pray for healing; not just physical healing, but emotional and mental healing as well. In addition to that, we can’t stop there, we need to pray for our children who many have not had the benefit of schooling; for the many who are out of work and the healing of our economy.  In all these areas and many more our nation has been "hit" in recent months with a pandemic whose tentacles have only begun to ravish our nation. 

What is your prayer today? What is your confession: The theme Scripture for the  National Day of Prayer this is Habakkuk 2:14:

14 For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."

As the framers planned this day months ago, only God knew how much we would need this scripture.  How much we need it not only s a prayer guide, but as a confession.  

I came across another confession however, that I felt was in order for this day:

The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh is wrapped around me

because Yahweh has anointed me,
as a messenger to preach good news to the poor.
He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted,
to tell captives, "You are free,"
and to tell prisoners, "Be free from your darkness."
2 I am sent to announce a new season of Yahweh’s grace
and a time of God’s recompense on his enemies,
to comfort all who are in sorrow,
3 to strengthen those crushed by despair who mourn in Zion—
to give them a beautiful bouquet  in the place of ashes,
the oil of bliss instead of tears,
and the mantle of joyous praise
instead of the spirit of heaviness.
Because of this, they will be known as
Mighty Oaks of Righteousness,
planted by Yahweh as a living display of his glory.
4 They will restore ruins from long ago
and rebuild what was long devastated.
They will renew ruined cities
and desolations of past generations. Isaiah has 61:-4 (TPT)

As I meditated on these verses, they began to speak life to me. For indeed if you have been washed in the blood of Jesus and His blood now flows through your veins, and If indeed the Holy Spirit has made habitation in your heart than YOU too have been wrapped around by the mighty Spirit of the Lord. You TOO have a commission to go into all the world and preach, teach, heal and set free prisoners who are held captive by sin. You TOO have the same spirit that raised Lazarus from the dead living inside of you and God will use YOU to speak to dead hearts and dry bones and command them to live. 

There is no doubt that our world is in crisis. What greater gift can we give our world than the message of the Lord Jesus Christ manifested in signs and wonders. Oh church, what have we learned from our being called aside? Have we not seen, there is a cause?