When There’s A Song in My Heart…

How I treasure the mornings I wake up with a song ringing in my heart. It is like God stretches forth Himself to give. me a message meant only for me! This morning I heard the song whose melody wraps itself around the scripture itself:

O True God, You are my God, the One whom I trust.
I seek You with every fiber of my being.
In this dry and weary land with no water in sight,
my soul is dry and longs for You.
My body aches for You, for Your presence.
2 I have seen You in Your sanctuary
and have been awed by Your power and glory.
3 Your steadfast love is better than life itself,
so my lips will give You all my praise.
4 I will bless You with every breath of my life;
I will lift up my hands in praise to Your name. Psalm of 63:1-4 (The Voice)

Yes, I heard the words of a song sung by CeCe Winans, We Thirst for You:

We thirst for You
We search for You
In a dry and barren land
We’re longing for Your hand
To guide us t
A place where You
Can cleanse us with Your rain…
Baptize us once again
We thirst for You.  (John Ragsdale Jr.) -, Album Throne Room 2003

As I meditated on these words, I realized that those these words were written to the Father, yet the Father also echoes these words to us. He wants us to be in HIs presence as much as we need to be in His presence. I have to admit that though the pandemic has slowed me down, I still race to stay busy. How refreshing to just spend quiet time in His presence. Just to bask in the sweet fragrance of His Word. No hurry, no distractions, not even a sound… As the Psalmist continues, " I have seen you in Your sanctuary and have been awed by Your power and glory, Your steadfast love is better than life itself". The sanctuary, where I found His presence, Father make my heart a sanctuary, that I may always be in Your presence.