Where is Your Dream on TheTimeline of Life?

I ran across an interesting quote today:

"When your memories are bigger than you dreams, you’re headed for the grave." (Author unknown)

In thinking about this, I was inclined to quetsion where was my dream, on this timeline of my life? The Psalmist had this to say one day while lamenting on life:

One day we will each be swept away into the sleep of death. We glide along through the tides of time— so quickly gone, like a dream that fades at dawn. Like glistening grass that springs up one day and is dry and withered the next, ready to be cut down! Psalm 90:5 (TPT)

Obviously the Psalmist did not have a good view on life that day. Yet there is some reality to that statement. In the space of eternity,we are like a blade of grass springing up one day and dry and withered the next. What we do with the green blade while its fresh and healthy tells the story of our lives.

It is my personal opinion that just as God gives us gifts and talents when we are born, so also He deposits dreams. They are placed within our heart and as we think about our life,and seek Him to know more about it, those dreams become clear. They still have yet to manifest. That requires prayer, work, more prayer, a lot more work, and patience to wait on them. What happens to so many of us is that when we fail to see our dream manifest after a certain point, we give up and cast it aside like an old shoe. Nurturing our dreams is as important as exercise, food, and water.  Dreams must be fed and hydrated. 

When you stop and think about it, it is a privilege to be given a dream, a dream unique only to you. We should not only thank God for the dream, but continuously seek Him as to our part in making that dream come true.