When You Love Someone…

Love is a strange emotion. While you can react in very negative ways to a loved one, there’s something about love that will keep you forgiving. While your red hot anger may flair up one moment, the next moment you will feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about your loved one. The phrase comes to mind, "blood is thicker than water". It is also easier to forgive those in your family than the "Joe" on the street. After all, they are family.

It should be the same way when we fall in love with Jesus. Though there are times when disappointment may flare up in us because we feel we are deserving of something that appears to have been denied, when the deal goes down, our love barometer rises again, for our beloved has countless other ways to shower His love upon us:

 There is such a great peace and well-being that comes to the lovers of your word, and they will never be offended. Psalm 119:165 (TPT)

Our walk with the Lord may have some serious hills and valleys, however, the long and short of it is when we really come into a love relationship with Jesus we gain a peace that He has our back. We are assured that no matter what happens, things will work out. This keeps us from being really offended, and if we do get offended, over time, the time span we stay offended gets shorter and shorter. 

Yes, as our love walk grows,so does our love life with God’s word; in fact, it grows exponentially. What a comfort to know that even if others in our life space break our heart; even turn away and flee,  this lover of our soul will never, ever, ever run…

Lift up your eyes to the heavenly realm and look at the earth far below. Though the heavens disappear like smoke, though the earth wears out like a garment, and though all the people die like gnats, my salvation will endure forever and my righteousness will never end! Isaiah 51:6 (TPT)