Shifting Scenes…

​Every now and again my life becomes so altered that I don’t have any time or energy to write my daily post. This week was like that. There were other things that demanded my attention. While this week’s events were not a bad thing, they drew my attention away from my commitment to writing this post every day. I don’t intend to make a habit of that. In fact I’ve made a renewed commitment to resume set aside days to think and pray, so I’ll have fresh words to write about.

Yet, in every life, things can creep into our lives like weeds in the field. We don’t plan weeds, at least not consciously. We keep telling ourselves that we are going to go out and pull them so they won’t spread, yet we forget, or we put it off for another day. Soon the field is c covered with weeds, and if left unchecked they turn into trees with trunks so thick they are extremely difficult to root out.

Our nation is full of weeds, not little dandelions, it is full of weed trees! They have rooted themselves so deeply in the fields of our nation that it seems as if nothing will get them plucked out! Interestingly enough Israel faced a similar situation:

27 "’But if you won’t listen to me, won’t keep the Sabbath holy, won’t quit using the Sabbath for doing your own work, busily going in and out of the city gates on your self-important business, then I’ll burn the gates down. In fact, I’ll burn the whole city down, palaces and all, with a fire nobody will be able to put out!’"Jeremiah 27:17 (MSG)

If you think the fires in California are hard to put out, you haven’t seen anything like what will happen if fire falls from heaven on this nation.

We have lived either by actively sinning, violating God’s commands; or passively sinning by silent consent watching as sin runs like rivers down the streets, with no repentance. We play a blame game as to which mortal or country is responsible for the greatest plague to hit this world in many, many years (there have been at least three other pandemics in world history). We have political debates that turn into sideshows, we have mayors using profanity with the President of the United States.  Our entertainment both on the screen and in the music is filled with lewd profanity and references to base behavior. We actually measure our political parties popularity by how many of their party leaders ascribe to a woman’s right to choose, and how late that choice can be made. We have prostituted our children on the big screen turning eleven year olds into porn starts. And the beat goes on…

This past weekend both Franklin Graham and Jonathan Cahn held rallies in Washington D.C. calling for our nation to repent. Both of these leaders assembled vast numbers of people together to cry aloud and spare not – calling out our individual and national sins, praying for mercy, asking God to restore this nation to some semblance of morality. While report are there were tens of thousands (more than 50,000) people marched with Graham at significant points in D.C.; there was an equal number or more of supporters at the Jonathan Cahn prayer vigil.

The message went out, some responded in person, others prayed at home. Some were in sincere repentance, others were looking to see who showed up. When all is said and done, scenes were shown of a people who seemed to want God’s mercy to fall upon this nation, the only one who counts in this determination for you is, where do you stand?