There is None Like You!

There is a worship song based on scripture that is resounding in my ears:

"This is what makes you so great, Master God! There is none like you, no God but you, nothing to compare with what we’ve heard with our own ears 2 Samuel7:22 (NLT)

 Say what you will, for me, there is none like HIM! As long as I have breath, I will sing the words of the worship song:

There is None Like You 

by Don Moen, Paul Wilbur

…There is none like You
There is none like You
There is no one else
No one else can touch my heart like You do
And I could search
I could search for all eternity, Lord
And find, there is none like You

Your mercy flows like a river so wide
And healing comes from Your hand
And suffering children are safe in Your arms
There is none like You
There is none like You, Lord.. 

I cannot speak for everyone, like Peter and John I can only testify to what I have seen and experienced – He has healed me (many times of many things); He has delivered me from all manner of issues; He has been a provider, when I could see no humanly way provision would come. He has been a comforter when I had a broken heart. He has been an advocate when there were those seeking to defile my name. He has been a friend, when it seemed as if I was walking alone. He has been a constant – even when I was faithless, He was faithful!  I could go on – and I am sure you can tool There are naysayers who would like to shut the very name of God out of our culture – have you ever wondered why they work so hard to prevent people from even hearing that there is a God? Could it be they really know that His love is  greater than their refusal to believe?