In Any Given Day…

​Retirement can often produce days that are pretty much the same. Looking at the calendar you wonder which doctor’s appointment is today, or is this the best day to go shopping for groceries, or maybe I can even find time to get to the beauty salon or nail place. Undeniably life get’s a little easier. A routine is established and sometimes even taken for granted. Such was my day on yesterday – up to go to Bible Study, came home to attend to a few things before my doctor’s appointment. I was in no hurry, but I realized I did have to do things in a timely manner. I had just told my friend how happy I was that day – it was a beautiful day and things were going so well. 

And then… out of nowhere, I had a car accident! I was mortified, how did it happen – still waiting to find out. What I do know is that my plans were suddenly changed, and my car was suddenly inoperable! I didn’t even realize at first that I walked out of my car without even a scratch! It was not uttil I went to Urgent Care for a check-up that it penetrated in me, I AM SO BLESSED! Not one thing had happened to my person, the story could have been so different!

The Psalmist seems to always express gratitude in a way I identify with:

In that day, the Lord Yahweh

will mercilessly wield his massive, mighty sword
and punish Leviathan, the swift, slithering serpent.
He will slay the dragon of the sea—
Leviathan, the twisting serpent.
2 In that day, they will sing the song "The Vineyard of Delight."
3 "I, the Lord, watch over my vineyard of delight.
Moment by moment, I water it in love
and protect it day and night. Psalm 27:1-3 (TPT)

I feel like I am "The Vineyard of Delight" – that moment by moment, day after day, night after night – even when I’m not consciously aware of it – God is watching over me, even singing over me. He protects me from the plots ad plans of the enemy. My days may now change for awhile – I can’t run out in the garage and take off whenever I want to. This may make some of my days look different, but one thing I know for sure is God watches over my soul. HIs steadfast love never changes – I’m the Vineyard of HIs Delight – therefore, all my appointed days will be good and very good.