Getting In Another Thank-You!

The day is well spent, food, family, fellowship – it’s never too late to say than you and early today I read the following post and felt like it would be perfect to share. It is written by my youngest daughter, Rachel Jones – wife, mother of six very active children, co-founder of iFlourish, and organizer and overseer to The Learning Village, a home-school coop. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Tis’ the season to be joyful, hopeful and grateful. There’s a whole lot I have to be grateful for and I thank God everyday for that. I have learned a ton this year, and I’m still learning with less than 2 months until 2020 has come to an end. •I am JOYFUL because I am choosing joy despite all the opposition, chaos and utter foolishness going on in the world. Also because I am choosing to let all the good things that have come out of 2020 thus far and highlight those over the negative.•I am HOPEFUL because I know the one who is the Hope of the world, Jesus. He is the light and hope of the world, He is the answer to every problem that we face, the healer to every sickness (from disease to racism). He’s the cure, the Way, the Truth and the Life. He IS! And I love Him so. •I am GRATEFUL, for everything I have been given, all the things I have learned. I’m grateful for my short comings and mistakes, for every open door and every closed one, every defeat and every victory. I’m thankful for my quirks, my highs and my lows, I’m thankful for life, friends and family. I’m so grateful God trusted me with His purpose, and even more that He knows my name, and His radical love captured my heart, so that I would never be without Him. He taught me how to live, love and to trust Him completely. Wow Jesus is AMAZING! •Choose joy, choose life, and choose love. All of these you can have with just one decision. I pray that you will be joyful, hopeful and grateful in this season, and not just when everything is going great, but at all times REJOICE in the ONE who made you! Love you! #joyful #hopeful #grateful #choosejoy #chooselife #speaklife #chooselove #trustintheLord #GettoknowtheOnewhomadeyou #lovedriven @belovedriven Jon Jones