Faith – What is It?

This week we are going to look at faith – what it is and why it isn’t:

Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. Hebrews 11:1 (TPT)

Faith is not something you can see with your naked eye – yet it is as real as Mount Everest. Faith cannot be measured, nor can it be picked up or handled. Yet, it is the very reality of all that we hope for and the essence of all we walk toward:

6 And without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God. For we come to God in faith knowing that he is real and that he rewards the faith of those who give all their passion and strength into seeking him. Hebrews 11:6(TPT)

Just as we cannot exist without air, (another substance we can’t see or handle), neither can we exist without faith. Everyone has faith in something. There is no such thing as a person without faith, for we all are putting our confidence in some – thing! Whether it’s a chair holding us up when we sit on it, or receiving a paycheck at the end of a two-week period, or an expectation that after going to school for 16-20 years you will get a job commensurate with that education. Yes, faith is a part of our every day lives. 

How tragic then to live with faith and not give that faith to God’s plan for our lives. When we partner our faith with God, amazing things occur! Not just the ordinary, but the extraordinary becomes a way of life. We soar into another dimension, encountering a place where time and distance are relative only to the limits exacted by God. For He can take our nothing today and have before us a bounty the next! Faith is not limited to producing tangible results out of the intangible. It is a hope, a prayer, a stand that those you place in God’s hands, no matter how far away they are – will one day embrace God’s love. It is a victorious  race against  a certain defined illness that evaporates before our eyes. It is support that carries us through uncertain times, like this year, with the belief that all will be well!

Yes, faith is not illusive, it is real; faith is not unsteady, it is steadfast; faith does not toy with our heart, it flows from our heart to the very bosom of God. With it we see miracles, with it we experience joy, with it we have life and that more abundantly!