What is the Word for Us?

We are living in a time of conflicting situations. If you are smart, this is not a time to be a person who places bets. Just as you think you’ve got one thing figured out, something completely out of the blue creates the necessity for a new assessment. For those who want the safe and secure, this is not a good time. We are on an adventure that even the most astute cannot predict. So, what is the answer? In fact, what is the question?

For who has known the mind and purposes of the Lord, so as to instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ [to be guided by His thoughts and purposes].1 Corinthians 2:116 (AMP)

Spiritual gifts can be a blessing, until we decide we have to be governed by them. We don’t really know what was going on in the mind of Joseph when he told his brothers his first dream. Was he so excited that God was picking him out for greatness, especially in light of the harsh treatment he received from his brothers? Then, when he shared his second dream with his father, what was he really trying to accomplish? He already knew he was his father’s favorite – he didn’t have to earn brownie points there. Was he in fact trying to understand this prophetic dream and hope to get guidance as to how to proceed?

We know the story – it was many a year before those dreams came to pass. Joseph went through one test after another -with no positive end in sight. Then, one day – in a day – the scenario changes and the dream begins to materialize. It would still take time for all of it to occur, yet, in time, it did!

Joseph did not have the benefit of the Christ to guide his conduct. Yet, because God had specific purposes in mind for Joseph and his family, the pre-incarnate Christ led Joseph through each and every situation he faced. This is good news! For, if Joseph was led with the mind and purposes of God, so can we. We have received Christ in His fulness – not to try to know each step of the way, but to be led by God’s thoughts and purposes whatever way He takes us. Safety and security are not contingent on knowing the plan; we are secure if  we know and trust the guide.

Do you trust the guide? Have you settled that you can "rest in the boat" while He steers? 

For you know the saying, "We live in God; we move in God; we exist in God." And still another said, "We are indeed God’s children.Acts 17:28 (The Voice)