Comfort Through The Ages…

Just ike you, there are some scriptures that have comforted me more than others. In fact there are some scriptures that speak to me season after season, Isaiah 54 is one of them:

All your children will be taught by Yahweh,
    and great will be their peace and prosperity.
14 You will be established in righteousness.
    Oppression—be far from them!
    Fear—be far from them!nd strife    Yes, terror will not come near you, nor will you be afraid.
15 If anyone dares to stir up strife against you,
    it is not from me!
    Those who challenge you will go down in defeat.Isaiah 54:13-15: (TPT)

Having been blessed with eight children of my own and many more who came along the way grafted into the family, I took great comfort in this promise that Yahweh Himself would teach my children, and even with all going on in the world, my children would have peace.

I held fast to this promise and I have witnessed that it has in fact come to pass in my children’s lives. Holding fast to a confession that fear, oppression and strife would not be my portion, I wold resist it at all counts. James 4:7 says if we ‘resist the devil’, he will flee from us” and that is what happens when we align our confession with the word of God. Year after year I would confess this word and year after year I would be encouraged by seeing the fruit of it.

When we can’t depend upon anything else, we can depend on God’s Word to keep us built up in our most holy faith, focused on our mission, and joy bells ringing in our heart.