Keep Doing This!

The news reports are doing it again. They are bombarding us with negative reports regarding covid and its’ variants. Quite honestly, if you feed on it, it can kill you with fear! I would rather feed on something that uplifts me and affords me the opportunity to remember that God made me, purposed me, has kept me down through the years, and will do so until that day HE calls me home:

I am passionately in love with God because he listens to me.
    He hears my prayers and answers them.
As long as I live I’ll keep praying to him,
    for he stoops down to listen to my heart’s cry. Psalm 116:1-2 (TPT)

I have this testimony that I know that I know that I know that God hears me and answers my prayers. Even the other day I prayed for someone not really expecting a quick response, and God surprised me by answering quickly! Now He does not have to always respond quickly for me to believe that He will, but it was an added bonus of joy to once again be reminded that He hears my every cry.

How can you not serve a God that knows everything about you and loves you nonetheless. That sees every fault and failure yet, “stoops down to listen to my heart’s cry”.

Father, I do thank you for answered prayers and for unanswered prayer, for even those prayers that went up to the heavens that I haven’t seen the manifestation of, I know You heard – and You are responding as You see fit. I thank You that You don’t don’t just hear my heart’s cry, but the sincere cry of every person that comes to You. I know that even though there is rampant evil in the world, sicknesses that we cannot understand, broken lives that want to destroy innocent people, that Your love is yet there, to calm, to soothe, to heal, to set free. I yet believe I will see miracles in my lifetime, not just in my own life, but miracles that will change the world. I yet believe there are sinners who resist you on every hand, who will one day bow down and worship You. I yet believe that there will be revival across this globe that will set bound souls free, I yet believe that when this life is over and every assignment done, that a transition will take place where I will live eternally with You. I believe, Yes, I believe that You my Heavenly Father who sent Your only begotten Son Jesus to die for me, to redeem me from the course of destruction that I was on, and that daily I am loaded with benefits by the Holy Spirit that comforts, leads, guides, and teaches me the way I should go. Thank You Father, Thank you Son, Thank you Holy Spirit – Three in One – our mantle of salvation to take us safely through our earthly journey.