…I Dreamed a dream more…

In the middle of his sentence, Joseph proclaimed something so beautiful, yet something that sparked outrage in his brothers. What a significant thing it is to have a dream. How much better to have confirmation that there is even more to that dream, than what you first suspected:

“…and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more;…Genesis 37:9b

I love the way this is written, and can appreciate it for I have oft been filled with dreams myself. And, just like Joseph’s brothers I have had people, circumstances, or the fearful voice in me, shoot those dreams down.

A dreamer must realize that everyone will not be able to envision your dream. It has been said if the dream you have is something you can accomplish on your own, it is not from God. God wants us to dream things you can only do with a whole lot of His help!

Secondly, a dreamer must be prepared to hear the naysayers. Those voices that range from: “We’ve never seen this before” to those who say, “we’ve never done this before”; they attempt to shut your dream down at the gate.

Also, there are times when the very obstacles you face are from God Himself. Remember, with God. it’s not the ‘destination’ that gets Him excited, it’s the ‘journey‘. The lessons we learn along the way are vitally more important than arriving at the finish line.

As Shakespeare said;

We are all made of dreams…(Prospero, The Tempest)

Thus, it is not the dream that comes to us that is significant, but the one that we put before God to allow Him to work with, that’s the one that matters.