Add a Little Hope!

Of the big three that abide, hope is in the line-up. How comforting to know that our Father knew that this was important to us:

Do not forget Your promise to Your servant; through it You have given me hope. Psalm 119:49(The Voice)

As parents we understand that we can overdo the discipline sometime to the point where our children have little or no hope that they will enjoy their life. When the chores are seemingly endless, and then the homework for school, and then the piano or sports practices, it can seem to a young child that they will never have time for fun!

We adults are not much different. We go through the cycle of going to work coming home to more work, seeing after the family, seeing after other relatives, going to the store, cutting the grass – you get the picture – the tasks can seem endless.

Our Father know that if this is all it is to this life that we will probably get a bit discouraged. So in addition to the wonderful benefit package we have in Psalm 103, He adds certain other promises, things that He knows our heart desires; these the things that give us hope. Hope that in the midst of the routine, there will be times of surprise, of joy, of laughter, of new beginnings!

And parents, take a note from your Heavenly Father, give your children a few promises too – it might put a little pep in their step!


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  1. Shawn on November 6, 2021 at 3:57 pm