As married men, its good to align ourselves with other men, so we can encourage one another. As iron sharpens Iron, so does a friend. Please come with a open heart to share knowledge and wisdom with a small group of brothers who love God.


Prayer line

Join us Monday - Friday @6:00am cst for prayer

Dial (978)990-5134 Access code: 4562020#

HLM Recovery 180 is a new branch of Heartlife Ministries that provides resources in the community for Will/Grundy county in the State of Illinois.

We are a liaison for people or families who require assistance for preventive or immediate help. A large part of the recovery process involves the entire family and while our loved ones our recovering, often we suffer while waiting for them to overcome.

Can you hear me now?

Reboot your marriage series continued. Every couple needs a check up and a reboot.

Join us once a month for an amazing time to collaborate and connect with your spouse. Let's Reboot Our Marriage!

  • Get your intimacy Hard Drive Uploaded
  • Romance without finance is a nuisance
  • Protect your marriage from foreign viruses

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